Health & Safety

• For the summer 2021 season, Odysseia will be functioning with a limited number of passengers, following the government security measures and regulations for the COVID-19
pandemic, in order to maximize the distances between people.

• All the personnel of our company are in the process of being fully vaccinated, following the government vaccination plan.

• According to the directive of the ministry of health, all the personnel of our company will be tested for COVID19 once per week, in an authorized lab.

• After every cruise, all surfaces of our ship are sanitized according to the World Health Organization directives.

• All required protection consumable equipment, as approved medical face masks, surgical gloves and antiseptic are at your disposal on board at all time and free of charge.

• Our company complies with all relevant safety regulations and directives applied by the Greek authorities.

• All the personnel of our company are fully informed and trained on the necessary procedures of prevention and handling COVID-19 cases.

• Odysseia Boat Trips, the local health authorities and the local port police are in close collaboration and constant communication under the directives of the ministries of health and shipping, in order to assure your well being before, during and after the cruise.

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